3 Best Truck Ramps For Oil Change

Changing your truck's oil is a very important maintenance task and you can do this in the comfort of your own garage. Truck ramps are a great way to raise your car enough for an oil change. In this post, we've researched three of the best truck ramps you can use, as well as other information you might need.

Best Truck Ramps for Oil Change:

  1. OTC 5269 Wide 20-Ton Capacity Truck Ramps
  2. BiSupply 5 Ton Heavy Duty Truck Ramp Set
  3. Magisale Low Profile Service Ramps

We know that different trucks and users also have different needs when it comes to truck ramps. Fortunately, we've listed down everything you need to know! Keep reading because we'll be sharing with you tips on how to pick the best ramp for your truck, as well as the pros and cons of using them.

A blue car on garage ramp, 3 Best Truck Ramps For Oil Change

3 Best Truck Ramps For Oil Change

It's a maintenance task that should be done on all vehicles, and trucks are no exception. We are talking about changing the oil—a job that can be difficult to do without the right tools and materials. Previously, trucks were lifted using jacks to get their oil changed, but ramps have made it easier and safer.

There are many available truck ramps to choose from which you can use for an oil change. However, certain features are more beneficial to most truck users, so we've listed down some of their favorites.

1. OTC 5269 Wide 20-Ton Capacity Truck Ramps

The strongest out of all the truck ramps, the OTC 5269 Wide 20-Ton Capacity Truck Ramps can carry even a small semi-truck. Made out of metal, this ramp's sturdiness and strength can surely take on any truck that you have.

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For those who have smaller or light-duty trucks, these ramps might be overkill. However, this is the best option for those who have big trucks like F-150s, as these ramps can definitely handle the weight.

The OTC Truck Ramps are also wider, which can accommodate wheels up to 16 inches wide. These are beneficial for truck owners with specialized wheels installed on their trucks. For ease of use, these ramps also have wheels which makes it easy for users to move the ramps around in the garage.

2. BiSupply 5-Ton Heavy Duty Truck Ramp Set

If you are looking for a ramp set that has a gradual incline, the BiSupply 5-Ton Heavy Duty Truck Ramp Set might be the perfect tool you are looking for. These ramps are not inclined too high, which is great for routine maintenance, including oil changes.

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These ramps are very stable, and they have a wide surface area that can help keep the vehicle level and secure. The weight of the vehicle is also more evenly distributed through the ramps, and the traction makes it easy to guide the vehicle towards the ramps.

Made of heavy-duty durable plastic, the BiSupply Truck Ramp Set weighs only 19.5 pounds each, so you can definitely take these around if necessary. It also has a non-skid base which keeps the ramps from sliding on the garage floor when you raise your vehicle on it.

3. Magisale Low Profile Service Ramps

If you prefer to do a maintenance check on your vehicle by raising all four wheels at the same time, then the Magisale Low Profile Service Ramps should do the trick. These ramps have a very low incline, but they work beautifully for vehicles that have a higher clearance, like trucks.

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The lower profile out of all the truck ramps described, the Magisale Low Profile Service Ramps come in a set of four, as opposed to just a pair. This set is best used by users who prefer to have the entire vehicle lifted but level, which is typically hard to do with a pair of ramps or jacks.

Made of lightweight but heavy-duty PP material, these ramps are very durable and stable during use. The set of four ramps can carry a vehicle up to 6 tons, and their small, compact size makes it easy to carry around in the vehicle.

Why Should I Use Ramps For An Oil Change?

Hand unscrews the drain plug of the engine crankcase to change the oil

Using car ramps makes oil changing a lot easier. Jacks were previously used in these jobs, but the appearance of ramps in garages and shops has made it a lot safer and easier.

Ramps also give users easier access to the bottom of the vehicle, where the oil pan typically is. It also makes it easier for you to reach the drain plug, which is easier to empty with an elevated vehicle.

As for comfort, using ramps is a lot safer than jacks because you won't run the risk of the mechanism disengaging. It's also more comfortable to work with your vehicle because your back won't hurt and your muscles won't be strained because you don't have to awkwardly squeeze your body underneath the vehicle.

How To Put Your Truck On A Ramp

Guiding your vehicle up a truck ramp is easy and can be done in a few simple steps. A few notes to consider before you should do this: make sure that the surface that the ramp is sitting on should be dry to prevent it from sliding. Also, consider using car blocks for added safety for you and your vehicle.

  1. Line up the ramp on the car tires are straight as you can. Make sure that it is centered on your tire's entire width. Place the edge of the ramp flush against the bottom of the tires. Do the same for both tires.
  2. Back up your vehicle a little bit, a few inches away from the bottom of the ramp.
  3. Gently drive the vehicle up towards the incline of the ramp, making sure not to step on the gas too hard. You'll hear the ramp catch when the vehicle meet's the barrier of the ramp.
  4. Set the vehicle in park, and engage the parking brake completely. Turn off the vehicle for safety.
  5. Remember to put wheel chocks on the back wheels of the vehicle to prevent it from rolling.

How To Choose The Right Truck Ramps

Car tires in plastic mounting ramps

The right truck ramps differ for each user. Some trucks have higher clearance, while others sit lower than others. In order to pick the right truck ramp for you, here are some features that you have to consider.

Incline and Ramp Length

Car care with track car ramp in station

Ramps have varying lengths and inclines which differ in use for many users. Generally, a good truck ramp should be long enough that the angle of your incline isn't too steep. This will make it easier for you to drive your vehicle up and down the ramps.

Weight Capacity

One of the most important things you have to consider is the weight capacity that your ramps can carry. Most vehicles weigh about 2,000 to 3,000 pounds, but of course, trucks can be a little heavier.

Depending on the kind of truck that you have, make sure that the ramps can carry at least 4,000-5,000 pounds if you have a light-duty truck. For safety, get one that can handle up to 10,000 pounds, especially if you are unsure of your truck's weight.

Pre-made Holes

Wedges are placed on the plastic mounting ramps

While most truck ramps have a non-skid base that helps prevent them from moving, the existence of pre-made holes will definitely make your life a lot easier. These holes allow the ramps to be anchored to the ground, making them a lot more stable especially if your vehicle is on the heavy side.


Blue car on rusty garage ramp

These grooves help grip the vehicle's tires and prevent it from sliding off while the car is parked. A good ramp has grooves that can hold on to the vehicle securely, so make sure that the ramps that you choose have them.

Final Thoughts

Man is reparing car

If you prefer changing the oil of your truck on your own, it's important to get the right tools to get the job done. Keep this maintenance task a little safer by using truck ramps, thanks to their stability and durability. Make sure to choose ramps that are appropriate for your truck, and you'll be doing hassle-free maintenance checks in no time.