Will A Ford Ranger Fit In My Garage?

When buying a vehicle such as a Ford Ranger, it is normal to be concerned about it fitting into your garage. Parking your Ranger in a garage protects it in many ways from dirt, snow buildup, and possible heat damage. If you would like to know if your Ranger would fit in your garage, here's the answer we got after extensive research.

A Ford Ranger will fit into your garage. It is among the smallest pickup trucks manufactured by Ford and has a lesser size when compared to other ginormous trucks that will not fit in your garage. A Ranger is narrower and shorter than an F-150 with just the right amount of space.

There is a lot to consider when buying a new truck. If the size is one of the main concerns for you. Keep reading as we would talk about the features of a Ford Ranger and how to pack it in your garage successfully.

A ford Ranger pickup truck at a dealership in Halifax's North End, Will A Ford Ranger Fit In My Garage?

Ford Ranger

When the word "Ford" is mentioned many things come to mind. As an American automaker, they are among the first of the many competitors in the automobile market.

The Ford Ranger is a mid-size truck that was discontinued and brought back in 2019. With its return, there are several styles to select from which include the XL, XLT, and Lariat, which are upgrades, and fancier.

Ford Ranger Wildtrack stopped on the unmade road

Size and Color

Normal pick-up trucks come in sizes that can be a nuisance to drive within the city and do not fit in a garage. So, the Ford Ranger comes as a relief. It is not too small but just the right size to park in your garage.

The standard color offered by Ford was black but new models have been introduced with a variety of colors like orange, blue, and grey.

Performance and Engine

The Ford Ranger now comes with a 2.3L, 4-cylinder, 270 horsepower engine, matched with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Basic models have a selection of all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive.

For fuel consumption, the Ford Ranger stands out among models in its class because most trucks on the market are not known to be fuel-efficient.

Interior and Tech

The interiors of the Ford Ranger are designed to soften the driver's experience. It is pretty cozy with just enough legroom although the cargo space may seem small, it is still appropriate for the truck. Considering the other amazing features of the Ranger, interior space can be easily overlooked.

Newer models have nice, easy-to-use ventilation and temperature control. Well-placed switches on the steering, a four-speaker sound system, built-in wifi hotspots capable of connecting at least 10 devices, and a USB port that lights up to enable you to spot them easily.

The Lariat is a luxury style trim where you can sync your Apple Carplay and Android Auto. This is exciting for an era where most people have a smartphone.

Will a Ford Ranger Fit In My Garage?

Parking your Ford Ranger by the driveway exposes it to falling trees and different weather conditions that may end up wearing out the interior or exterior of your Ranger.

Also, parking in the driveway could expose it to theft. All these problems can be avoided when you pack in a garage. 

The good news is that your Ford Ranger will fit in your garage. Considering that the Ford Ranger is larger than your average car, you need a moderately sized garage to park it successfully.

How to Fit Your Ford Ranger in Your Garage

Ford Ranger Wildtrack pick up truck on display during motor show

If you would like to easily park your Ford Ranger in your garage, you have to make the proper arrangement in regards to space to avoid obstruction or accidents. Here's how to fit your Ranger in your garage.

Measure the Garage Dimensions

Before attempting to fit a Ford Ranger into your garage, first, measure the garage dimensions. Start by measuring its length taking into consideration the door hinges. Also, measure its height from ground level to the ceiling.

Check and Remove Obstructions

Consider the width of your Ranger and garage with the doors open as well as any object that can interfere with the parking space.

Some garages come with vertical support beams, it is important to note these types of obstructions and remove any that will make it difficult to fully open the Ranger doors.

Measure Ford Ranger Dimensions

The length and height of your Ranger should be measured. Also, it is important to consider the make and model before the purchase if you are dependent on your garage for parking.

Compare the Dimensions

After correctly measuring the dimensions of your garage and Ford Ranger, compare both dimensions. If you are fortunate, your Ranger's dimensions will be less than that of your garage with no obstructions to hinder the doors and enough room to walk around.

With this, you can successfully fit your Ford Ranger with little work. On the flip side, if your garage is smaller there are a couple of solutions that can be made:

  1. If possible remove some accessories to reduce height like a camper shell or roof racks.
  2. Remodel your garage or Ranger; an effective but costly solution.

Is the Ford Ranger Spacious?

Orange Ford Ranger Wildtrak on motor show

Some trucks struggle with balancing luxury and space, after all, their primary goal is to transport from one point to another. The Ford Ranger comes in two cab styles.

  • The SuperCab can seat up to four people.
  • The SuperCrew with enough space to seat five.

The SuperCrew is usually the most preferred option when considering space because it has more room and can comfortably accommodate kids and adults as well as a sizable door. The only downside is the reduced cargo room.

Is a Ford Ranger Worth Buying?

Ford Ranger on the motor show

The Ford Ranger is a solid performer that is worth buying. As a mid-size pickup, it comes in different sizes and prices that many prospective buyers find attractive. Although it is more difficult to sell due to the number of competition, it is a fine option.

If you are looking to buy one, the Xl trim is a good option if you are on a tight budget. However, if your routine includes a weekend getaway, the XLT is a step up with alloy wheels, blind-spot monitoring, and other exciting features.

The Lariat trim is a top-level experience with leather seats, an EcoBoost engine, automatic climate control, and other features.

How Many Miles Will a Ford Ranger Last?

Ford Ranger Raptor on a road in mountain scenery

Rangers are not made to last forever but will last a good number of years if they are properly cared for and maintained. Fortunately, a Ford Ranger is one of those trucks that can serve you a long time. They are built to last up to 300,000 miles.

The fact the Ford Rangers are designed to travel 300,00 miles does not guarantee that they will do so. So, how do you ensure it goes the distance? Regular maintenance plays a major role. Failure to perform an oil change when it is due can result in engine damage or wear.

Is Ford Discontinuing the Ranger?

The Ford Ranger was discontinued in 2008 but continued to be manufactured until 2012. It was discontinued due to the significant drop in sales over time. After the 2012 model, the ranger was completely dropped until recently.

Ford customers began to miss the ranger and requested a come-back. Since the market was favorable and the demand for midsize trucks was high, Ford reintroduced the Ranger.

In 2019, Food Ranger debuted a completely redesigned and unrecognizable exterior, designed to go up against industry giants like Toyota Tacoma and trucks of similar sizes.

What Year is The Most Reliable Ford Ranger?

There are many Ford Ranger years that have proven to be dependable like the 2011, 2010, and 1986 models. However, the most reliable year has to be the 2020 Ford Ranger. It is considered the best year for Ranger because it has the best combination of safety features, customer satisfaction, and reliability.

Its monstrous look is not all that the 2020 model offers. It stands out in terms of performance as well as rating and reviews on various car websites. On Cars.com's 2020 American-Made Index, the 2020 Ranger was ranked first.

Which is More Reliable Toyota Tacoma or Ford Ranger?

While this is debatable, Toyota Tacoma has been around for a longer time with its based models fully equipped when compared to rivals. On the other hand, the Ranger accelerates faster and has more appealing towing and hauling capabilities. 

The Tacoma and Ranger both received four-star safety ratings from the NHTSA, but the Tacoma received a higher rollover star rating making it a better option.


Parking your vehicle in a garage protects it from being stolen. It is also protected from rain, wind, and extreme heat which can damage its exterior. Therefore, it is normal to wonder if your Ford Ranger will fit in your garage. Not to worry, a Ford Ranger will as long as your garage has the right size and dimensions.