How To Program Jeep Gladiator Garage Door Opener

Having a HomeLink system in your vehicle gives you the convenience of opening or closing your garage door even while you're still inside the vehicle. However, before you enjoy this functionality, you must first set up the system properly. So how do you program a Jeep Gladiator's garage door opener? We've done the research for your convenience.

Like in many other vehicles with the HomeLink system, you need to follow the standard programming procedure for the Jeep Gladiator's garage door opener.

  1. For non-rolling code garage door openers, press and hold both the desired HomeLink button and your garage opener's remote until the HomeLink light changes from blinking to solid.
  2. For rolling code garage door openers, do the same first steps. Afterward, you will need to press your garage opener's "Learn" button once and then press and hold your HomeLink button three times.

Because most garage door openers today use a rolling code, you will need to follow a time-bound series of steps to program HomeLink properly. Do read on and we'll give you some tips to make this process easier and safer.

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How Do I Program My Gladiator Garage Door Opener In My Jeep?

Before programming your Gladiator's garage-opening HomeLink button, you should follow a few reminders for safety and convenience.

  1. Keep the garage door area clear of people or objects.
  2. Make sure that you have a working garage opener remote with good batteries in it.
  3. If your garage door opener uses a rolling code, then you should prepare a ladder or a stepping stool to help you reach the opener's main motor unit.
    • Because of some time-sensitive programming steps, you should make sure that you can press your opener motor unit's "Train", "Learn", or "Smart" buttons easily. In some cases, you may need to unscrew or open the rear panel of the opener motor unit.
    • Leave the garage door open so you can move from your vehicle to your garage opener unit faster.

How Do You Program A HomeLink System?

Once you've done the preparations mentioned above, you can now start programming your Jeep Gladiator's HomeLink system. Make sure you have your vehicle's key or key fob and your garage door remote with you.

  1. Move your Gladiator just outside your garage door, ideally at the spot where you plan to use your HomeLink button regularly. 
  2. In your jeep, find your HomeLink panel with three buttons. Although the location may change for every year model or trim, these HomeLink buttons can only be found in three spots within the driver's reach.
    • The driver-side sun visor
    • The front overhead console near the reading/map lights
    • The rearview mirror's bottom panel.
  3. Turn the vehicle's ignition on, or you may also start the engine.
  4. Hold the garage door opener's remote near the HomeLink buttons (about one to three inches away).
  5. Press and hold both the designated remote button as well as the HomeLink button you want to program.  The HomeLink indicator light in your vehicle will blink slowly.

These are the initial steps for both rolling and non-rolling code garage door openers. The steps will differ starting from here.

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For Older Non-Rolling Code Garage Openers

  1. When using a non-rolling code garage opener, the HomeLink indicator light will change pattern, from blinking to solid light.
  2. Once the HomeLink light becomes solid, you may release both the HomeLink and the remote buttons.
  3. Press and release the programmed HomeLink button once to end the programming. Then, press and release once again to test the garage door.
  4. If your garage door responds to your HomeLink button, then you're done with the programming.

For Newer Rolling Code Garage Openers

When using rolling code garage door openers, the HomeLink light's slow blinking pattern light will become faster. In some rare instances, your programming is done. Press and release the HomeLink button twice to check if it can already control your garage door. 

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However, more often than not, the garage door opener will not respond. In this case, you need to follow a few more steps.

  1. Keep the vehicle's ignition in the "on" position, but make sure to put your vehicle in "park" gear and put on the parking brake.
  2. Get out of your vehicle and go to your garage opener's motor unit. You may need a ladder or a bench to reach your motor unit's "Learn" button. Alternatively, you can ask someone else to go to the motor unit while you stay inside the vehicle.
  3. Press and release the motor unit's "Smart", "Learn" or "Train" button once. The motor unit's indicator light should turn on.
  4. After pressing the "Learn" button, you have 30 seconds to complete the following steps.
    • Return to your vehicle.
    • Press and hold the HomeLink button you are programming for two (2) seconds before releasing. 
    • Do the press, hold, and release cycle on the HomeLink button three (3) times.
  5. After three cycles, press and release the HomeLink button once. Your garage door should now respond accordingly if you did the steps properly.

Your Jeep Gladiator's HomeLink system has three programmable buttons that you can program to three separate garage door openers.  Alternatively, you may also use the other buttons to control other HomeLink-compatible household fixtures or appliances.

What Is A Rolling Code Garage Door Opener?

Rolling code garage door openers use an algorithm to change or "roll" the remote control's code every time you press the remote's button.  This system randomly chooses one of 100 billion possible codes without repeating any one code.

Most modern garage door openers have been using the rolling code system for approximately three decades now. This system makes modern garage door openers significantly more secure than traditional non-rolling code garage openers.

Can You Program A Car Garage Door Opener Without A Remote?

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Although some blog sites and videos claim that you can program a HomeLink system to your garage door opener without a remote, there's no evidence to support this. Based on HomeLink's official instructions as well as our research, you always need a remote to program HomeLink to your garage door opener.

Can You Buy A Remote For An Existing Garage Door Opener?

If you don't have a functioning remote for your garage door opener, then we strongly recommend that you buy a replacement from the opener's manufacturer. Alternatively, you may also buy a universal garage door opener remote.

Check out this set of universal garage door remotes on Amazon.

How Do I Add Another Garage Remote?

Programming additional remotes for your garage opener is quick and easy, as long as you have compatible remotes with good batteries. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. Use a work ladder or stepping stool to help you reach your garage door opener unit. Also, keep the new remotes with you before climbing up.
  2. Locate the "Learn", "Train", or "Smart" buttons of your opener unit. Although some models have the button outside, many units hide them inside the rear panel's cover.
  3. Press and hold the "Train" button for one (1) second before releasing. Immediately afterward, the button's LED indicator light should turn on.
  4. After pressing and releasing the motor unit's "Train" button, you have 30 seconds to press and hold the remote button that you want to program.
  5. Release the remote button after you see the garage opener's LED indicator light blink. Your additional remote should now be able to operate your garage door.
  6. Repeat the previous steps for additional remotes that you would like to add.

Check out this helpful video on how to add remotes for a rolling code garage door opener.

Be careful not to hold down the "Train" button, because an extended press may clear all remotes from your garage opener's memory.

How Do I Clear My HomeLink Code?

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Sometimes, you may need to clear the programming from your vehicle's HomeLink system. For example, if you sell your vehicle or return it to the leasing company, you need to make sure that the HomeLink buttons will not function with your garage door opener anymore. This will keep your home safe.

Fortunately, clearing the programming of your vehicle's HomeLink system is very quick and easy.

  1. For ten (10) seconds, press and hold the two outermost HomeLink buttons.
  2. The HomeLink indicator light will turn on to a solid light initially.
  3. After several seconds, the Indicator light's pattern will change from solid to blinking. This blinking pattern indicates that all your HomeLink system's programming has been cleared and reset to factory default.

Check out this video on how to reset your HomeLink system.

Wrapping Up

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A Jeep Gladiator's garage door opener system follows the same programming steps for all HomeLink in-vehicle remote systems. Whether your actual garage opener unit is a rolling code or a non-rolling code model, you will always need a working remote to sync it with your Gladiator's HomeLink system.

Thank you very much for reading. We hope that we were able to help you program your Jeep Gladiator's garage door opener properly.

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