What Are The Best Tires For Pickup Trucks?

Pickup trucks are all-around vehicles that combine transport and utility. Apart from the engine, capacity, and design, the tires determine safety, maneuverability, and overall performance. We've reserached the best tires on the market and their general features to best help you equip your pickup.

The best tires for pickup trucks are selected by the general use and purpose of the vehicle. In terms of brand:

  • Goodyear,
  • Michelin,
  • BF Goodrich,
  • Cooper Tires,
  • Continental,
  • Bridgestone,
  • and Pirelli are regarded as the best in their class.

The specific tire category and function, however, may feature a different set of contending manufacturers.

Tires have to be compatible with the vehicle they are used on. Apart from the general purpose use, the average load, terrain, and weather all impact the performance of your truck's tires. Read on and find out more about the best tires you can use for your pickup trucks.

pickup car stopped on dirt road dusty dry gravel, What Are The Best Tires For Pickup Trucks?

Top 5 Regular Tires For Pickup Trucks

Michelin Defender LTX M/S

The Michelin Defender LTX M/S is categorized as a winter tire but can perform in all weather and road conditions.

The manufacturer's patented Evertread compound gives its tires longer tread life and durability. Improved traction results in better tire grip which makes it safer since it responds quickly when slowing down or braking.

The Michelin company designed the entire surface of the tire to come in contact with the road to create even wear and better fuel efficiency.

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Continental Terrain Contact 

The Continental Terrain Contact is an all-terrain tire that features excellent traction, strength, and durability. It has been categorized as the best in its class when braking on wet or snowed road conditions.

It has the versatility to be driven both on and off-road with quieter performance on both surfaces.

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Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S is best noted for its prolonged tread wear, steering response, and grip. Its versatility has been tested in city, highway, off-road driving, and severe weather conditions.

The tire design features intricate tread patterns that adapt to different road surfaces- wet, dry, slippery, rocky, and smooth. Reviews also describe the road performance as quiet and comfortable.

Goodyear Wrangler Trailrunner AT

The Goodyear Wrangler Trailrunner AT is a durable all-terrain tire rated highly for its wet and winter traction, handling, and comfort. The multi-angle tread design with interlocking blocks provides durability which prolongs the tire's life. 

Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus

The Pirelli Scorpion is designed to perform off-road but is an excellent all-around tire that features safety and comfort on any surface.

The unique tread pattern allows water, mud, gravel, and melted snow to escape through the ridges and creates a more stable, less slippery ride. Pirelli has been noted to produce high-mileage tires because of outstanding rolling resistance. 

Top 5 All Terrain For Pickup Trucks

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BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO2

The BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2 is considered as the best tire brand in its category. The series has better features than its predecessor. It is designed with thicker rubber and sidewalls, and an upgraded footprint shape for better snow, rock, and mud traction and off-road performance.

It has been verified by the U.S Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) to exceed their Severe Snow Traction performance assessment. One drawback however is the noise it makes during driving.

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Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

The Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 is specifically made for light trucks, however, the design earned its title as the “Best All Terrain Tires For Mild To Moderate Driving.”

Evidently, it has a prolonged tread lifespan and better resistance to chips and tears because of the enduro compound it is designed with. Moreover, it gives the tire better rolling resistance along with better grip during off and on-road travels.

The series received the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol which gives it excellent driving and handling in winter conditions. Nevertheless, the Geolandar is inappropriate for driving in thick mud and environments with large rocks.

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Michelin LTX A/T 2

The Michelin LTX A/T 2 is designed with Max Touch Construction that features even wear that prolongs the life of the tire. The treads are created to decrease rolling resistance which results in better gas mileage than any other brand in its class.

Unfortunately, the series has a low payload and towing index as compared to other all-terrain tire brands.

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Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure

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The Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure features broad and deep spaces in between every ridge that allows mud and water to flow freely during contact. It has better traction when exposed to light snow and mud, rain, and rock-strewn roads.

The brand offers excellent off-road and on-road performance with better cornering capability, and longer tread lifespan. It is however important to note that the tire can only traverse light mud environments.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W

The Falken Wildpeak AT3W has earned the 3PMSF symbol given by the USTMA. It has incredible performance in snowy and wet environments as well as excellent wear and tear resistance.

The tread patterns are designed with higher traction and resistance to heat build-ups, especially when traversing on highways. One drawback it holds is the noise it makes during acceleration, turning, and braking.

Top 5 Light Tires For Pickup Trucks

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Michelin Defender LTX M/S2

The Michelin Defender LTX M/S2 features incredible traction in both wet and dry road conditions. The tread patterns are designed with a smart-cut resistant cover that increases its tread life and offers better on and off-road performances. The series however does not do well in deep and heavy snow.

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Continental CrossContact LX25

The Continental CrossContact LX25 is made with EcoPlus Technology that features Tg-F polymers. This quality reduces rolling resistance and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Braking distance is shorter in wet road conditions.

The wheels feature an Alignment Verification System that aids drivers with identifying misaligned tires. Overall, the brand offers better handling and a smoother ride.

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Continental TerrainContact H/T

The Continental TerrainContact H/T performs best on on-the-road travels since it features excellent traction in both wet and dry road conditions. It boasts an outstanding braking distance in wet circumstances and an exceptional tread life.

However, the wheels have a low grip when traversed on rough surfaces, making it ideal only for on-road travels.

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

The Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus performs well in wet, dry, and snowy conditions. The wheels offer exceptional tread life, stable driving on gravel or rough surfaces, and a quiet comfortable ride.

One drawback however is that the wheel series have a low payload and towing index as compared to the other brands.

Firestone Destination L3

The Firestone Destination L3 is available only in P-metric units. Although this is the case, it offers excellent on-road performance despite the fact that the price is exceptionally lower as compared to the other brands in its category.

The wheels are capable of transporting quite heavy cargo because of its tread design and strong traction. The downside however is that the overall ride is rough over uneven surfaces.

Top 5 Winter Tires

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Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

The Bridgestone Blizzak WS90, similar to the DM-V2, features a tread pattern that allows water to flow between the tire and the snowy surface creating excellent traction with the road.

The design also increases the total contact area which improves the tire's grip and stability. The most notable aspect of the product is its stopping distance which is up to five feet shorter compared to other models.

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Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

The Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 is considered one of the best tires for all types of snow conditions. It excels in handling, both braking and acceleration in slush, loose ice, and packed snow.

The tires make it relatively easy for the vehicle to control and safe to maneuver. The traction lessens the braking distance which is both essential and necessary in winter conditions.

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Michelin X-Ice Xi3

Michelin X-Ice Xi3 winter tires provide the necessary traction in extreme weather conditions through specialized features on their tread.

An evenly distributed pressure and road contact prolongs the tire's life considerably longer than its competitors. The resulting reduction in fuel consumption renders the product more environmentally friendly.

Firestone Winterforce 2 UV

The Firestone Winterforce 2 UV has been developed with a patent cold-weather compound that allows the tire to remain flexible even in cold winter temperatures. 

The same technology allows the tire to handle dry roads, highways, wet and slippery surfaces, and other terrain. It features a safe braking distance and relativity long tire life.

Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter

The Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter incorporated curing compounds and high-density grooves that give it the advantage in traction and braking.

The tire is so designed to adhere to the road surface and increase friction, especially in hazardous conditions. The product is safe, durable, and reliable.

Who Is The World’s Largest Tire Manufacturer In 2022?

Michelin remains the largest tire manufacturer across the globe in 2022. But Bridgestone comes in at a close second followed by Goodyear, Continental, and Sumitomo.

In Closing

pickup car stopped on dirt road dusty dry gravel

When selecting the best tires for your pickup truck, consider their compatibility with your vehicle to maximize its performance. We hope the article helped you decide which series suits your needs and preference.

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