What Are The Different Models Of Ford Trucks?

Ford is one of the leading truck brands worldwide. This may be attributed to the fact that the company pioneered pickup truck manufacturing. We have researched the different Ford truck models and here is what we've found.

Ford's oldest models include the Model TT, released in 1917, and the Model 50, manufactured before World War II (1935). Those earliest models are followed by the F-series, which spanned for generations up to the present, and most recently, the Lightning F-150 and Tremor F-150. 

Ford special edition trucks include: 

  • F-150 Nite

  • SVT Lightning 

  • Harley Davidson Edition

  • Ford Raptor

  • F-150 King Ranch

Over a century ago, Henry Ford created the first-ever pickup truck designed to transport various commodities including farm produce, equipment, building materials, and other similar items. Ford pickups have prevailed throughout the generations. Keep reading to learn what makes Ford timeless!

Full-size pickup truck Ford F100, What Are The Different Models Of Ford Trucks?

Ford Raptor standing on the slope of the volcano above the cloud, What Are The Different Models Of Ford Trucks?

Ford F100 pick-up 1954 model year, What Are The Different Models Of Ford Trucks?

The Evolution Of Ford Trucks

The evolution of Ford trucks began when common people such as farmers found makeshift ways to incorporate a cargo area into their vehicles. Wooden boxes served as the early form of pickup beds and were revolutionized to become the modern-day utility, family, and all-around vehicle. 

Evolution of Ford Trucks, What Are The Different Models Of Ford Trucks?

Model TT

Ford Model TT in a car exhibit

The Ford TT was the first line of pickup trucks ever built. Interestingly enough, the vehicle was a remodel of the Model T, which actually gained too much consumer popularity because farmers converted the rear portion of the vehicle with a built-in cargo box using hardwood planks.

Henry Ford had come up with innovative ways to provide consumers with what they needed. The Model TT was manufactured and introduced to the public in the year 1917. The newly refurbished truck had a built-in cargo box (presently known as a bed), transforming it into a utility vehicle.

Model 50

Following the success of the Model TT, the Model 50 was built and produced in the 1930s. It was designed with a new exterior, finally changing the vehicle’s look that would eventually pioneer the F-series line of trucks.

Unfortunately, the model has been discontinued because the company had put all its resources (at that time) into manufacturing military vehicles to support the war effort.


After World War II, the company finally returned to the consumer market along with a new line of pickup trucks. The F-Series is a light-duty vehicle whose popularity spans generations. 

Over the years, Ford has manufactured, redesigned, and worked on innovative ideas to keep the line as the leading brand and outperform its competition. Hence, the beginning of an era.

Ford F1 Bonus-Built

Ford F1 the first F-series truck in car show

Ford F-Series' first generation is the F1 Bonus Built, which is truly a classic in terms of design and framework. The cab offers passenger comfort with its telescopic shock absorbers. 

It is the first-ever half-ton pickup that had considerably altered the public's views in regards to trucks. The vehicle is no longer limited to farm use since most people purchase the truck for their own personal needs. 

Unlike its competitors with V6 engines, the F1 offers three engine choices including a V8 with 100 HP, which is particularly a high figure at that time.


Ford F100 pickup 1954 model year

In 1953, the second generation of Ford trucks focused more on redesigning heavy-duty vehicles including the F-250 and F-350 formerly known as F2, F3, and F4.

The half-ton F1 was renamed as the F-100 designed with new features including a larger cabin and bed dimensions, and an upgraded engine.

Toward the next generations, the company focused on remodeling and upgrading the F-100 model. The truck is built with a style side body that offers more cargo space and a higher HP paired with either a V6 or V8 engine.


Ford F150 classic vintage car

In 1975, the F-150 was introduced as the sixth generation model which featured more seating capacity to accommodate more passengers. This was the first time Ford company considered a larger cab to include utility as well as transport. 

There are fourteen generations in which the truck evolved, but the basic function was maintained to provide utility, and eventually passenger comfort. Presently, the F-150 is still amongst the most popular trucks available on the market.

Ford’s Special Edition Trucks

Ford is known to create special edition versions of its pickup trucks to keep consumers engrossed and its competitors at bay. Here are a few of its best models:

F-150 Nite

The F-150 Nite was released in the years 1991 and 1992. As the name implies, the truck’s exterior is painted black to give the vehicle a monochromatic look. Its engine options include a 5.0L and 5.8L V8 with a two-wheel and four-wheel drivetrain.

In 2020 however, the company once again introduced the model and renamed it as Nitemare F-150. What differentiates the truck from its predecessor is found under the hood.

Since Ford focused on the vehicle’s street performance, it was designed with Ford’s 5.0L V8 equipped with a Roush supercharger that incredibly increased its engine power to 650HP.

This makes the Nitemare F-150 one of the fastest trucks amongst its peers at the time of its making.

SVT Lightning

Second generation Ford Lighting with custom vertical doors

Ford Special Vehicle Team (SVT) came up with the Ford Lightning, featuring a regular cab with an incredibly high street performance than the F-150. The model marked the beginning of modern-age muscle trucks manufactured by the U.S.

It provides truck enthusiasts with excellent maneuvering and on-road performance along with a towing and payload capacity of a half-ton pickup.

Ford really exceeded its name as the second generation Lightning was released onto the market following the years 1999 to 2004. Under the hood, the vehicle is lined with an Eaton Gen IV supercharged with a 5.4L V8 paired with a heavy-duty transmission.

Harley Davidson Edition

In the following years (2000 – 2011), Ford Company teamed with Harley Davidson – a motorcycle manufacturing corporation – to make a number of special edition trucks.

The Harley Davidson 2002 edition is known to be the best version of the model. The truck is nearly as fast as Mustangs at the time of its making. The only difference to other models however is its seating capacity is reduced to only four to facilitate its speed.

Ford Raptor

Ford F150 Raptor SUV is on the road driving on dirt

Years after the success of the SVT Lightning, Ford had once again introduced a line of high-performance trucks with the Raptor F-150 (2010 – 2014).

Contrary to the Lightning’s street performance, the makers focused on this truck’s off-road handling and maneuverability. It became a sought-after model even after the second generation was released from 2017 up to the present.

Both the first and second-generation Raptors had become the talk of the town because of the difference in their engine performance – to a few, it is a noteworthy distinction yet a deal breaker.

F-150 King Ranch (2001 To Present)

The F-150 King Ranch is the most luxurious truck edition Ford has ever manufactured. It features a Western-themed interior with authentic wood trims, leather upholstery, and a limited two-toned facade.

It is lined with a 5.0L V8 which produces a 400HP with a 10-speed automatic transmission that can actually help you get the most out of its payload and towing performance.

What Makes The Ford F-150 Tremor Special?

Ford F-350 Tremor in showroom

The Ford F-150 Tremor arguably surpasses the Raptor in terms of its off-road performance. Its suspension system makes it possible to keep the tires leveled on uneven terrain while still offering passenger comfort. The drivetrain features an all-wheel and four-wheel drive for optimum support.

Are Ford Electric Trucks Available?

Ford F-150 Lightning display

The Lightning F-150 is again revived as a 2022 and 2023 electric truck model manufactured by Ford. The vehicle features the same exterior as its gas-powered counterparts.

The only difference lies with its power supply which consists of a pair of electric motors and battery packs. It can traverse roads for up to 230 miles for the standard, and 320 miles per charge for its upgraded version.

One drawback however is the truck’s payload and towing capacity greatly affect the battery life.

What Is The Rarest Ford Pickup Truck?

The Ford SkyRanger is the rarest pickup truck Ford has ever built with only 17 vehicles made available in the world. It is an extended cab featuring a convertible roof made fitting for all weather.

Under the hood, the SkyRanger boasts remarkable engine power for its generation. It is equipped with a 4L V6 Cologne that generates five-speed manual transmission.

Unfortunately, truck enthusiasts did not find the top-down design appropriate for a pickup. Presently, it is a sought-after model for car collectors first due to its unique design and the limited number of units that were produced.

In Closing

Ford has proven itself to be the leading truck brand throughout the generations due to its mass production of premium quality and high-performance trucks. That being said, we hope the article has given you enough insight as to what Ford pickup models are really about.

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