What Options Did My Truck Come With?

You’re a proud owner of a truck and had the vehicle for quite a while. But now you’re wondering what options it possesses. So we researched this concern for your convenience and here’s what we found.

Take note that truck options often vary based on factors like the vehicle’s manufacturer and its specific model. You can use an online VIN lookup portal to help you in identifying the additional features in your truck. However, some add-ons that truck manufacturers offer are:

  1. Adjustable liftgate
  2. Power steering
  3. Carbon fiber bed
  4. Tire pressure monitoring system
  5. Additional safety features (e.g., automatic brakes and lane assist)

A parked Dodge Ram, the Ram from Dodge is a popular Amercian made truck that competes with the Chevrolet Silverado and Ford F150, What Options Did My Truck Come With?

How To Find Out What Extras My Truck Has?

One way to find out about your truck’s extras is to search and use its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Relatively all legitimately bought vehicles have this 17-digit code, and it typically contains details like the carmaker, manufacturing location, and the options included.

Ram 2500 Heavy Duty on the stree

Here are the steps to find and use your truck’s VIN:

Step #1: Find The VIN

Inspect the dashboard of your truck by the driver’s side. You should find a spot where the dashboard and windshield meet. Look around this area for the 17-digit serial number.

If the VIN isn’t in that location, search for it on the driver side’s door or door jamb. Take note that the code might not be an embossed set of numbers but it may only be a sticker.

If the VIN is still not on the door or door jamb, check your vehicle’s insurance card or policy. Otherwise, contact your car dealer or manufacturer to help you in this regard.

Step #2: Use An Online VIN Decoding Portal

Many online VIN decoders exist on the Internet. Keep in mind that some of these portals may only provide a few pieces of information about your truck. Certain VIN decoding sites might not even provide details about your truck's options without paying a fee.

After finding a reliable VIN decoding portal, enter the code into the appropriate text box. Once entered, it shouldn't take a long time for the website to show your truck's details a summary of the general information, and the options included upon purchase.

Step #3: Use The Carmaker’s Website

An alternative technique to using your truck’s VIN to know its options is to visit the decoding tool on the vehicle manufacturer’s website. Some carmakers like Honda have free VIN lookup tools for their customers. The information you find from these platforms should be quite similar to the details acquired from using other online VIN lookup portals.

Take note that older trucks and other vehicles may not have 17 digits but have a shorter length. This shorter code is usually in cars made between 1954 and 1981. So some online VIN decoders may not accept the shortcodes, which means you might need to consult the manufacturer directly.

What Are The Optional Features Of Trucks?

RAM 1500 Rebel stopped next to lake in a sunset

Aside from the standard features of a truck, you may purchase add-ons to make your driving experiences better than usual. Some options that might already be in your truck are:

Adjustable Liftgate

A pickup’s liftgate often has dimensions ranging from 53 x 26 inches to 60 x 26 inches. But this assembly is often a static setup, which can make loading and off-loading cargo to become more challenging than needed. However, an adjustable liftgate helps make those tasks easier than before.

Power Steering

Oftentimes, power steering is a standard feature found in many vehicles, including several trucks. But some manufacturers may decide not to put it as a basic feature but as an add-on. If your truck has power steering, you can enjoy benefits like:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Steering with minimal effort
  • Reduces or eliminates hydraulic fluid maintenance

Certain truck models may also have other features opened, thanks to the inclusion of power steering. Some examples include automatic lane changing, lane-keep assistance, and automated parking.

A Black dodge ram 2010 model

Carbon Fiber Bed

Most truck beds use hard plastic that provides sufficient load-carrying strength. However, this material is relatively softer than compared to the likes of carbon fiber.

Generally, carbon fiber is about five times stronger than standard steel. Although it has tough properties, it’s still fairly light, reducing the risks of weight issues when placed on truck beds.

Some truck makers also combine carbon fiber with other high-strength materials. That way, the truck bed can improve cargo options for users, particularly for those that need to transport reasonably heavy objects frequently.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Perhaps the only standard ways to know if your truck’s tires are low in pressure are: (1) you can see the tires submitting to the car’s weight and (2) you feel seemingly unknown shifting while driving. However, your truck may already have a tire pressure monitoring system that alerts you when one of the tires has low pressure.

Some truck models will even have advanced tire monitoring systems that show you the exact tire with the problem. That way, you don’t have to make rough guesses that might ultimately waste your valuable time in checking the anomaly.

Additional Safety Features

Many trucks and other vehicles will already have built-in safety features like dual airbags to help protect drivers and passengers. Take note that these additional options often differ among carmakers and specific truck models.

Some of the extra safety features your truck may have are:

  • Blind side alert: An alarm will sound if objects like other vehicles are within proximity of your truck’s blind side.
  • Automatic brakes: The truck will activate its brakes for you if it detects nearby objects at the front of the vehicle.
  • Intelligent headlights: The vehicle’s front-facing lighting fixtures will automatically adjust in intensity based on oncoming traffic.
  • Lane assist: Helps ensure that the truck stays within the lane to prevent unwanted drifting.
  • Immediate crash response: An automatic feature that sends your location to affiliated support systems when getting into an accident.

If your truck doesn’t have one of these safety features, you may purchase aftermarket products that might allow you to enjoy similar experiences.

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What Are Some Innovative Truck Options?

Cargo bed in Ram 1500 pick-up truck

Aside from the relatively common add-ons mentioned in the previous section, some truck manufacturers like to add innovative options to their vehicles. Some examples of these inventive features are:

2019 GMC Sierra’s MultiPro Tailgate

Unlike the standard tailgate which often has one purpose, GMC made the 2019 Sierra's tailgate work in six ways. Aside from the standard up-and-down movement, other features that you can enjoy with this truck’s tailgate are:

  • A stopper for extended cargo
  • Secure lock without a handle
  • Two swing arms that function as a table
  • Extendable inner gate for easy truck bed access
  • A sturdy stairway that can handle over 300 pounds of weight

If you want to learn more about this truck, watch the video below:

You can also see the MultiPro tailgate in action by watching this video:

2019 Honda Ridgeline Hidden Trunk

Apart from the 2019 Ridgeline's truck bed, you can open a flap underneath that area to reveal extended storage. This 7-cubic-foot extra storage space is a waterproof compartment, allowing you to store different things like coolers and car repair tools.

Watch this video to see the location and use of this hidden trunk:

2016 Ford F-150 Pro Trailer Backup Assist (PTBA)

With the help of the PTBA, it helps drivers maneuver their towed load. Activating this feature requires drivers to manipulate a knob on the dashboard. This feature works with the truck’s backup camera and the side mirrors to help drivers get a better view than usual of surrounding areas.

The video below will show you how Ford’s PTBA works in action:

Final Words

A parked Dodge Ram, the Ram from Dodge is a popular Amercian made truck that competes with the Chevrolet Silverado and Ford F150

Your truck may already possess certain add-ons since you bought the vehicle from its manufacturer or a reliable car dealer. Some of these options may range from an adjustable liftgate to advanced safety features. Use a VIN lookup tool, or ask the truck maker or retailer if you need help identifying these extras.