How To Install Fender Flares On Ford F-150

You’re looking into changing the fender flares on your Ford F-150. But, now you’re wondering how you can install new fender flares to the truck. We researched this concern for you and consulted with different industry experts to give you the following answer.

First, prepare for the upcoming fender flare installation job for your Ford F-150. For instance, ensure that the work site is safe to prevent accidents and injuries. After completing the groundwork, proceed with this procedure by following these steps:

  1. Secure the truck
  2. Unfasten the old fender flare
  3. Remove the old fender flare
  4. Install the new fender flare
  5. Secure the new fender flare

At first, this installation process might look like a reasonably straightforward operation. But you can still be at a high risk of committing mistakes if you miss some particulars. So continue reading as we talk about this process in greater detail.

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How Do You Install Fender Flares On A F-150?

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Before you purchase and install new fender flares on your Ford F-150, it’s wise to think about certain important factors. Some of the things to contemplate are:

  • Budget: Ensure that your spending allowance fits your project to avoid skimping out on essential materials, tools, and other pieces of important equipment.
  • Safety: Your working area should have safety protocols in place at all times.
  • Warranty: Contact the truck’s dealer or manufacturer to check if installing new fender flares on your F-150 will affect the policy negatively.

After making the necessary preparations, and you’re still adamant about continuing this project using DIY techniques, continue by following these steps:

What You’ll Need

  • Wheel chocks
  • Socket wrench
  • Panel remover
  • Fender flare

Step-by-Step Guide

Step #1: Secure The Truck

You don’t need the vehicle running since you’re only going to work on the fender flares. So turn off its engine and engage its parking brake. Don’t forget to chock the wheels to prevent the truck from rolling.

Step #2: Unfasten The Old Fender Flare

Use an appropriately sized socket wrench to remove the bolts underneath the old fender flare. Next, remove the rubber push-pins below the fender flare with the panel remover tool. If you don’t have a panel remover, you can use a flathead screwdriver instead.

Warning: Using the flathead screwdriver may dent or scratch the fender flare’s material. Still, this concern might not be a dire issue, particularly if you’re going to dispose of the old unit.

Step #3: Remove The Old Fender Flare

Generally, the built-in fender flares on a Ford F-150 have mounting clips. With a plastic remover, wedge it between the clip and the vehicle’s bodyshell. Then, wiggle the tool to loosen the clips until you can remove them by hand. If done correctly, the fender flare should pop out of its mounting position easily.

Warning: Don’t apply significant pressure to the panel remover. Otherwise, you might dent the F-150’s surface.

Step #4: Install The New Fender Flare

Assuming that you have a new fender flare that fits your specific Ford F-150 model, place the new unit on top of the fender liner. Don’t install the new flare yet. Instead, ensure that the mounting pins align with the holes on the fender of the vehicle.

If the alignment is correct, proceed by applying a sufficient pushing force to the new fender flare to the vehicle's bodyshell. You should be able to hear an audible “click” or “snap,” indicating the fender flare will stay in place.

Step #5: Secure The New Fender Flare

Reinstall the bolts and the rubber push-pins you removed from step #2. Use the socket wrench again to install the bolts to the new fender flare. However, don’t overtighten it to prevent it from stripping. As for the rubber push-pins, you can use your hand to insert them into their appropriate holes.

Take note that you can repeat this procedure for the other fender flares on your Fender F-150 that you need to replace.

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Bear in mind that some of the steps mentioned above may not apply to your specific Ford F-150 model. So consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual first to check if you need to go through certain procedures to ensure the safe and successful completion of your F-150 fender flare installation job.

Also, you can check out the video below for a visual guide to this process:

Take note that the flare is only a piece of the entire fender assembly. If you need help with removing the fender of an F-150, read our post on that topic to know the steps.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Fender Flares Installed On A Ford F-150?

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Professional services may charge you about $150 to $200 to install fender flares on your Ford F-150. You can save cash by doing the installation job without relying on certified automotive services. But it can still be ideal to depend on professional truck assistance if you’re not confident with your DIY skills.

How Hard Is It To Install Fender Flares?

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Fender flares installation jobs are usually DIY-friendly procedures. Some fender flare models, such as those with no-drill designs, may allow you to install them in about an hour or less. Plus, you might not need significant automotive knowledge and skill to install a fender flare successfully, even for a Ford F-150.

At this point, you might also be curious to learn about how to install towing mirrors on a Ford F-150. If so, one of our posts can guide you through that process.

How Do I Choose Fender Flares For A Ford F-150?

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Choosing the right fender flare for your Ford F-150 is equally important to follow a correct installation procedure. So take note of the following factors, especially if you’re still on the fence about choosing the ideal F-150 fender flare:


Fender flares typically come in four different styles:

  • OE: Typically follows the vehicle’s manufacturer’s standards to ensure a proper fit.
  • Extended: Has the additional length to provide extra coverage and security to tires.
  • Street: Custom-made fender flares for F-150 owners looking to enhance their vehicles’ aesthetics.
  • Bolt/Pocket: Also called no-drill flares, these models often have easy-to-install designs.

Take note that each fender flare style has its unique pros and cons. For example, OE fender flares can be your standard choice if you don’t want options with extra features. But you can choose street-style fender flares if you want to improve the look of your pickup truck.


Aside from ensuring your F-150’s uniform look, its set of fender flares should provide sufficient coverage to nearby parts. That way, each flare can help protect those nearby components, particularly the wheels.

However, make sure that the Ford F-150 fender flare you buy and install follows your state’s automotive laws regarding this part. For example, Wisconsin requires vehicles to have their fender flares only extend up to 4 inches beyond fender lines.

Another example is Utah, wherein its government states that it considers a fender flare a reject if it doesn’t cover the entire tire.

Final Thoughts

Remember, purchase the correct fender flare for your specific Ford F-150 model. Then, follow the steps mentioned in this post to help reduce the risks of mistakes happening during the installation procedure. If done correctly, you should be able to enjoy the new fender flares on the pickup truck without worrying about significant issues down the road.