Will Chevy Rims Fit A Nissan Titan?

Do you have a Nissan Titan, and you’re wondering if the rims of a Chevy will fit it? Wonder no more, for we have researched this question, and we have the answer for you.

It depends on the Nissan Titan and Chevy year models. Contrary to what you might find on most websites online, the number of the bolts/lugs or the bolt pattern is not a guarantee that the rims from a Chevy truck will fit a Nissan Titan.

Do you want to know how to tell if a rim will fit your Nissan Titan? Proceed to the succeeding sections to find out.

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A nissan Titan pickup truck on the parking lot, Will Chevy Rims Fit A Nissan Titan?

What is a bolt pattern?

When a car or truck owner wants to know if an aftermarket rim will fit their vehicle, they count the number of bolts. They are not wrong. However, if you stop at just counting the bolts, then you might end up with a rim that doesn’t fit on your car or truck.

Rims from a sports car

The bolt pattern is also known as the "PCD" or the "pitch circle diameter." It is the diameter of the circle that connects the center of the studs.

Since you have two numbers to work with, bolt patterns are written as a set of two numbers with an “X” or a dash (-) separating them.

The first number tells you the number of bolts in the bolt pattern. The second number tells you the circle diameter.

It is not uncommon to see bolt patterns written in millimeters. Just like in tire measurements, using millimeters allows aftermarket part makers from different countries to standardize their measurements. Despite this, there are bolt patterns that are written in inches as well.

How to measure the PCD?

Different tools are used for measuring your vehicle's bolt pattern diameter.

PCD Gauge

One example is the PCD gauge that looks like a caliper with cones instead of clamps. The cones make it easier to get the measurement from the center of the stud hole. This tool is useful for measuring rims.

However, not all diameters are taken from the center of the hole as you will see below.

Bolt Pattern Template

If you want to take the measurement from the bolts on your vehicle instead of the holes, you can use a bolt pattern template tool. This tool looks like a plastic disk with multiple holes. You can remove your wheel and insert this tool into the bolts and it tells you what the diameter is.

GoldenSunny Wheel/Stud Bolt Pattern Measuring Tool is available on Amazon through this link.

If you don’t have either one of these tools, you can manually measure the holes on the rims of your Nissan Titan using the steps below. You can use these steps on any vehicle.

A set of wheel bolt pattern template tools is available on Amazon through this link. You can use these for wheels with four, five, and six lugs only.

Measuring A 4-Lug Wheel

Bolt pattern of aluminum rim

Measuring a 4-lug wheel is easy. Simply measure the distance between the center of two opposite holes. To make it simpler, you can measure from the side of the first hole closest to the center to the side of the second hole farthest from the center.

Measuring A 5-Lug Wheel

Chromed wheel with yellow details

In a 5-lug wheel, the first thing you need to do is to pick two holes or bolts that are not adjacent. There must be one or two bolts between these two bolts.

Measure from the center of the first bolt to the outer edge of the perimeter of the second bolt to get your diameter.

Measuring A 6-Lug Wheel

New powerful six-spoke alloy wheel in silver color

Measuring the diameter of a 6-lug rim is the same as measuring the diameter of a 4-lug rim.

Take two opposite holes and measure from the center of one hole to the center of the second hole, with the measuring tool passing through the center of the rim.

Alternatively, you can also measure from the side of the first hole closest to the center to the side of the second hole farthest to the center.

Measuring A 7-Lug Wheel

A 7-lug wheel is rare. It is almost exclusively seen in Ford F-150 models from 2004 to 2014.

If you need to measure one, pick two holes that are separated by two or three holes or bolts. Measure from the center of the first hole to the outermost perimeter of the second hole.

Measuring An 8-Lug Wheel

8-lug wheels are common in 1-ton trucks. To measure the diameter of an 8-lug wheel, pick two holes or bolts opposite each other and measure from the center of one to the center of the second bolt.

You can also measure from the side of the first hole closest to the center of the wheel to the side of the second hole farthest from the center of the wheel.

Which Chevy rims will fit a Nissan Titan?

Pickup truck Nissan V8 Titan in the city street

Now that we better understand how to match rims, let’s take a closer look at the Chevy rims that will fit in a Nissan Titan.

Fortunately, Nissan Titan almost exclusively uses a 6X5.5 inch or a 6X139.7 millimeter bolt pattern. If you have a 2004-2015 or a 2017-2022 Nissan Titan, then it will have this bolt pattern. Moreover, the 2016-2022 Titan XD also uses this bolt pattern.

Chevrolet, on the other hand, uses different bolt patterns for its trucks. Fortunately, the Chevy K1500 from 1988-1999 and the K1500 Suburban from 1992-1999 all use the same bolt pattern.

Even the 1988-2000 Chevy K2500 and the Chevrolet T-series from 2018-2022 use this bolt pattern.

Other Chevy vehicles that use the same bolt pattern in their wheels include:

  • the 2014-2022 Silverado,
  • 1999-2022 Silverado 1500,
  • 2007 Silverado 1500 Classic,
  • the 2018-2019 Silverado 1500 LD,
  • and the 2019-2022 Silverado LD.

Other Suburban models that have this bolt pattern are:

  • the 2007-2022 Suburban,
  • the 2000-2014 Suburban 1500,
  • and 1989-1991 V1500 Suburban.

The Chevrolet D-Max from 2005-2021 also uses this bolt pattern in its rims.

Additional Considerations: Sizing Rims

It is important to note here that the bolt pattern should not be the only factor that you’d consider when it comes to matching rims for your vehicle. Although the bigger trucks are more forgiving, the allowable variation becomes smaller as the vehicle also gets smaller.

Here are other wheel measurements that you might want to consider when fitting new rims to your vehicle.

Body Clearance

When you install a larger rim and tire, there is a chance that the tires will rub against the inside of the wheel well.

When you often drive off-road, your tires need a lot of clearance to move inside the wheel well. What might look like a good clearance when you’re driving on a regular road might result in rubbing when you take your vehicle off-road.

This is mostly a consideration when fitting a different size of tires into your rims. However, you should still consider this when you upgrade to larger rims to fit larger tires.

Suspension Clearance

When you’re taking rims from a different truck or SUV and installing them onto your vehicle, you should also consider the distance between the new rims and the suspension. Even though the new rims fit your truck or car because the bolt pattern is a match, a wider rim and tire might rub against the suspension.

Any kind of rubbing on the suspension interferes with its function. Additionally, continuously rubbing against the suspension can damage both the rims and the suspension.

Brake System Clearance

Similarly, if the inside diameter of the rim is too small, your brake calipers might start to rub against the inside of the rims. Some vehicles have larger brake disks and calipers that could be bigger than your donor vehicle.

Moreover, if you upgraded to bigger discs and calipers, then a replacement rim might no longer fit your vehicle.

Check the inside diameter of the rims. It must have enough clearance to accommodate the brakes in your vehicle.


Not all Chevy rims will fit a Nissan Titan, although many rims will. It's important not only to match the bolt number but also to measure the bolt configuration. Additionally, check the vehicle's year and model to ensure that Chevy rims will be compatible with a Nissan Titan.

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